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Damiano Vincenzi
AKA "WadeWilson", "BeanieSoupMan", "The Wedding Singer", "Jeezus Savage"
Singer-Guitarist-Animal Life Coach

Playing the role of singer in the band, mainly because no one else would take it. Damiano is constantly challenging himself,  to push the boundaries of what constituents actually getting sent to prison, or just spending a few activity filled days with a team of counselors, out in the deep woods, looking for signs of extraterrestrial life! He followed his dreams of singing and playing music, because he just didn't want to face the reality of working a real job! Success! Constantly striving to live a life that inspires righteous indignation. James  enjoys deleting non followers on Instagram, cosplay and continually making bad life decisions!  Success again!

Philly "C"
AKA "El Cocinero", "P. Diddy Conga" , "Rocket Man" and "Mr. FBI"
Hand Drummer-Mystical Chef

A man that needs no introduction, except here, because you don't actually know who he is yet...Philly "C" is the hand magician, that keeps all of us wondering, "Where is that pounding rhythm coming from? Its keeping us up all night! Will someone call the police?" It's coming from his hands and heart, beating against those beautiful bodacious congas. Obviously! Phil is licensed to practice medicine in just 3 countries. The Arctic circle, deep in the Amazonian jungle where no one lives, and various regions, near the Ice Wall, that surrounds our beautiful flat earth! Phil enjoys very short conversations on flat earth theory, interpretive dance and building Imperial, as well as Rebellion, Star Wars star ships, to scale with Legos. He is available for hire...we're just not sure what for?...we're afraid to ask him!

Derrick Beattie
AKA "Mr Rastaman", "Da Bodhisattva", "The Music Whisperer", "Dr Shakala"
Guitarist-Vocalist-Spiritual Surf Instructor

Derrick is to music as lamb is to tuna fish. Or perhaps, spaghetti is to meatballs, if you're not comfortable with the tuna fish analogy?! You can't have one without the other! Well you can, but it'll just seem like something is missing on your plate and who wants that? Creating boom to the Chillhouse sound. D to the B, as we affectionately call him, spends most of his free time perfecting his craft in Bali. How he gets back and forth so quickly is beyond the scope of this bio. More importantly is why he goes? idea. If he could be a superhero, his name would be "Supertalentedman"....we know...we're working on it! He enjoys long walks on short and white films redone in color and finger painting in the dark. He is available for autographs and black and white photos after each show!





Jam Sessions Near You

Buford’s Kitchen               July 8, 2017    7-10 p.m.
   5980 University Blvd,  Moon Twp., PA  15108
Buford’s Kitchen               August 25, 2017    7-10 p.m.
   5980 University Blvd,  Moon Twp., PA  15108
Narcisi Winery               September 1, 2018    2-5 p.m.
   4578 Gibsonia Rd, Gibsonia, PA 15044
Narcisi Winery                    August 31, 2019    2-5 p.m.
   4578 Gibsonia Rd, Gibsonia, PA 15044


   Chillhouse is a brand new, up and coming band, to the Pittsburgh music scene. Having a sound that attempts to combine, Bob Marley reggae type vibes, a John Mayer aura,  topped off with a Kenney Chesney type of reality. The mission: Create and play music, with the intention of spreading positive vibes, and good times, with good people.
    Damiano Vincenzi(Singer/guitarist), Phil Call (Hand drummer)and Derrick Beattie (Lead guitarist/singer) come together from various backgrounds and locations, to spread their love and passion for music with everyone. 
    Currently, they are working on their own EP, "The Fish is Still in the Bowl" due out sometime this year. You can listen to a few originals and covers, as well as follow along with their blog, on the Chillhouse website.  
    Also, you can subscribe to their youtube channel and catch, "Quickie Music Videos" of the band, performing songs or just generally goofing around. Which is what they seem to be doing most of the time. They can also be found on instagram @chillhousevibez. More goofing off there too. They just can't seem to stop. But really, why should they? 

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."

- Plato

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Tel: 412.620.3367

The Tropic Island of Pittsburgh PA, 15106

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